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“My friend Tony Hill has developed an AMAZING small group software that tracks connection (whether people are joining/connecting to groups), manages groups, and measures small group health. You really should check it out. This is a game-changer.” Ben Reed

Small Groups Pastor, Saddleback Church

“I realized I needed a tool like GroupVitals when I found out that I was unaware of groups that were struggling. Without GroupVitals, Our staff now feels like we have a better idea of what is going on and we can more effectively evaluate what is working in groups and what isn’t. Most importantly, I no longer worry that leaders are operating solo on an island anymore; everyone now feels more connected and supported because of this tool.”  Dave Bolin

Home Group Coordinator, Harvestfield Church

“Before GroupVitals, we really didn’t have a good pulse on which groups were meeting, how often and who’s in those groups. With GroupVitals, I now have a more accurate pulse on the engagement in groups. It’s snapshot view of super helpful metrics has given me real data I can use to asses the health of the ministry. We’ve also been able to save administrative time, which has allowed us to focus more on developing better relationships with leaders.”  Nathanael Brown

Life Groups Pastor, GracePoint

“GroupVitals saves me time, which allows me to focus more on the bird’s eye view of the health of the ministry; I have more time to think about the big picture. Initially I was concerned that my leaders would struggle with transitioning to this new system, but with it’s easy to user interface and clear training material, they had little to no challenges adopting it.”  DJ Murvine

Pastor, GracePoint

“GroupVitals automates challenging and tedious administrative things like gathering attendance numbers, checking group health, following up with leaders and plugging in new people to groups. This helps to decrease my stress and it gives me more time and energy to spend on investing in leaders through recruiting and training.”  Nick Duffel

Life Groups & Connections Minister, Ten Mile Christian Church

“Because of GroupVitals, I have a better understanding of the health of our groups and I can make more informed decisions on how to best connect people and support leaders… all from one location. That gets me excited about growth! And, I don’t have to worry about missing any details. It offers so much more than Excel ever could for managing my groups.”  Jason Miller

Community Pastor, The Grove Church

“One of the best parts about using GroupVitals is being able to fill in the holes where people had previously been falling through the cracks. I am able to follow-up easily with group leaders and check-in with them about group consistency. My favorite part is the health survey. I love the direct feedback I’m getting from group members, as it provides great insights into the health of our groups.”  Nick Schonlau

Small Groups Pastor, Third City Christian Church

“With GroupVitals, I no longer have to worry about the details of monitoring the progress and activity for my groups. This tool has been a part of setting the conditions for God to do amazing things in our groups. I can clearly see evidence that people are connecting and growing in their relationship with Christ. Wayland Coker

Director of Connect Groups, Community Church

“For me, the least enjoyable part of small group leadership is administration. With GroupVitals, that weight has been taken off my shoulders, which has saved me valuable time. I’m now using this extra time to invest in people, so I can have healthier leaders and ultimately, a healthier ministry.”  Rodney Booe

Pastor, Campbellsville Christian Church

“It’s such an encouragement to see the group meeting notifications in my email inbox, confirming that groups are meeting throughout the week. I’ve also been excited with the response of group leaders. They have embraced GroupVitals, telling me it’s a great tool and how easy it is to use.”  Shane Williams

Next Steps Pastor, TrueNorth Church

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have pricing information available as a PDF?

Yes! Click here to chat with Puck, our helpful chatbot and he’ll give you our pricing and email you a PDF.

What kind of support and training do you provide?

We have lots of video walkthroughs for your ministry staff to watch, including this leader onboarding video. We have videos that cover every major section within the software. Look for the information ( i ) next to each section’s name at the top to find these videos. We also have an extensive knowledge base that’s searchable within GroupVitals. If you still have more questions or need help, the account administrator can contact us (here’s how) and we’ll be happy to help 😃

Do you integrate with my church database?

Currently, we integrate with FellowshipOne (Premier/Legacy). Next, we’ll integrate with Church Community Builder sometime in the near future. Some others on our radar for possible future integration are: Planning Center Online, Breeze, Grace Base, Think Ministry Platform, Shelby Arena, Elexio, Elvanto and ACS.

Do you help with rolling out GroupVitals to our church?

We’ve helped a lot of churches roll out GroupVitals to their ministry. We’ve taken that experience and put together a Getting Started Guide of best practices, step by step.

How easy is it for my leaders to use GroupVitals?

Many churches switch to GroupVitals because it’s easier for their leaders to use compared to their current church ChMS. We believe that if we make this easy for your leaders to use, they’ll be more likely to use it. If they are more likely to use it, then you’ll end up with better information about your groups from your leaders. We also provide a great 5 minute training video for your leaders to watch, to learn how to setup their account and use GroupVitals as a leader. Almost every group leader finds GroupVitals to be very intuitive. 😃