A Better a Way to Manage Your CCB Groups.

Gain all the advantages of the GroupVitals group management platform, without siloing your data.

We Have a Two-Way Sync With

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And Gain These New Superpowers

You’ll have less group sign ups fall through the cracks because leaders will get an email and text alert when someone signs up for their group


You’ll have full visibility of every sign up because they all get added to the prospect pipeline.




You’ll instantly see all group metrics that are most important to you with your new dashboard.

You’ll have more accurate group rosters and engagement metrics.

We make it easier for leaders to take attendance and update their roster.

Leaders receive an automatic text with a link to take their attendance which also allows them to update their roster, without having to login.




We Sync Groups Both Ways

Setup specific CCB group types you’d like to sync with us. 

Changes made to groups in GroupVitals will immediately be sent to CCB.

Changes made to groups in CCB will sync to GroupVitals during our nightly sync.

We sync:




We Sync All Your People

Every night, we sync all new and updated people from CCB.

New people added in GroupVitals and will instantly sync to CCB.

We sync people from CCB as “read-only” so you can be secure in your data integrity.

See our help doc to learn exactly what we sync.


Ready to Power-Up Your CCB Groups?

“One of the best parts about using GroupVitals is being able to fill in the holes where people had previously been falling through the cracks.”

Nick Schonlau

Small Groups Pastor, Third City Christian Church