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Learn How to Eliminate the Mystery and Uncertainty About the Experience People are Having in Groups (In Realtime) With This One Simple Tool:


  by Tony Hill

In the video above, you'll learn about the latest tool that's helping small group ministry leaders make better decisions. It will show you group health based upon member feedback (and not just what your leaders report), ministry growth potential and capture life changing stories - all without doing extra work.

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Frequenty Asked Questions

Can I customize the 3 survey questions?

At this time, you cannot. We know some ministries want to change the questions to be more specific to their church's unique health and growth metrics. We believe these 3 questions benefit 90%+ of the group ministries out there. Someday, we'll add a customization option with a weighted algorithm. It will take time. Building algorithms can be complicated ;)

Can I add more questions?

No. We really believe 3 is the ideal number to get as much helpful feedback as possible using technology.

Do I need to have all of my groups in GroupVitals in order to send out the survey?

Yes. It's designed to send out to group members in the GroupVitals database.

Can I manually send out the survey?

Not at this time. But, it's on the roadmap for you to send the survey immediately to all group members that meet your criteria.

Can I send the survey more than once to a person?

Not at this time. But, it's on the roadmap for you to send the survey at multiple intervals, such as towards the beginning of their group, the middle and end.