Here’s how GroupVitals will make managing groups easier.

Save Administrative Time

Toss out the paper sign up cards and sheets and save hours of manual data entry.

With the GroupFinder, anyone can go online and join a group at any time.

If you don’t have any open groups, use our general interest web form for people to fill out at any time, right from your website.

You’ll Have Peace of Mind About All Group Sign Ups.

Know exactly who has signed up for a group and if they got connected.

With the prospect pipeline, you have full visibility of each step a person takes to successfully get plugged into a group.

Now you’ll be able to people from falling through the cracks

You’ll Know Who’s Having a Great Group Experience.

Get direct feedback from group members with the health survey. You’ll learn:

Are they are growing?

○ Are they are connecting relationally?

○ Would they recommend to a friend to join a group?

○ How has their group impacted their life?

This is a great way to share big wins with your team and capture stories of life change to use for group promotion.

And… You’ll Know Who’s Having a Poor Group Experience.

Are some people not experiencing any growth?

Are they having a hard time connecting with people in their group?

Is their life unchanged (or even worse off) from their group?

Get this type of real-time feedback directly from group members with the health survey.

Now, you can address issues as they happen, rather than finding out after the group has ended.

You’ll Always Be In The Loop with Your Group Leaders.

Do you know how each leader’s group is going right now?

Get direct feedback from your group leaders each week about how things are going in their group via the group attendance’s open-ended question. Their answer is emailed directly to you.


Here are some great example questions you can ask:

○ How’d group go this week? 

○ Anything we can pray for your group about?

○ Anything we should know right now?

Your Group Rosters Have Never Been This Accurate.

Always have an accurate list of how many people are in a group.

Leaders are able to update their group’s roster right after taking attendance.

Admins can send a group roster check email with a link for the leader to update their roster.

Roster updates work on any device, no login required. 🤛 

You’ll Know Which Groups Might Be Struggling Right Now.

We’ll help you identify groups that might be struggling with people showing up, so you can reach out to the leader and offer help.

As you browse through your groups, you’ll see their current attendance percentage and how active they’ve been in their last 4 meetings.

Your Groups Metrics Are Right at Your Fingertips.

Get instant answers to these questions, right on your dashboard:

○ How many active groups do you have right now?

○ How many people are in groups?

○ What’s our average attendance for the last 30 days?

○ How many new people joined a group in the last 30 days?

○ and dozens more…

Your Leadership Structure Has Never Been More Organized.

Setup your leadership hierarchy and see real-time lists of your leaders, coaches, and senior coaches.

If you have people who oversee group leaders (we call them coaches, but you can change that title), then keeping up with those relationships has never been easier.

Oh yeah, you can also see which groups and leaders don’t have a coach yet, so you can assign one.

Recruiting New Group Leaders Is A Breeze.

We make recruiting easy by showing you potential candidates.

You can easily see which folks are “all-in” with their group, which is a key quality of a potential leader.

When viewing your list of group members, you can filter to just show you the ones who have been involved in a group the longest, have the highest attendance, and who’s the most active overall.

This makes for a great starting point to talk with a group leader about potential leaders within their group.

Are You Ready To Make Life Better with GroupVitals?