Get Your Group Leaders to Take Attendance The Easy Way.

Get new insights into group engagement and real-time feedback from leaders, so you can provide better care.

Make it easier & faster for your leaders to take.

After the group meets, the group leader will automatically receive an attendance reminder.

They’ll click the link in the reminder that will open up the attendance form on any device.

To save them even more time, names are pre-checked and they don’t have to login.

Leaders can also add guests right on the form.

They can take attendance by email or text.

Give your leaders more convenience by letting them take attendance by email or text.

They control if they want to receive a text reminder and when they want it.

Get real-time feedback from leaders about their group.

At the end of the attendance form, you can ask them a customizable, open-ended question.

Their answers will be emailed to you (and their coach) and saved in their group profile.

👍 It’s a great way to hear directly from leaders about when their group is going well or not.

Provider better care with accountability.

To get more leaders to take attendance, you can enable the accountability reminders.

For every few days a leader doesn’t take attendance, they’re sent reminders.

If they still don’t take it, then you (and their coach) are notified. 👍 This provides a great touch-point with the leader.

Now you’ll know how active your groups are right now.

Are your groups meeting consistently?

We’ll let you know with the group active rate.

This metric tells you the % of the time the group has met in their last 4 scheduled meetings.

👍 It’s a great way to tell if your groups are currently meeting consistently or not.

Are you ready to make it easier for your leaders to take attendance?

“It’s such an encouragement to see the group meeting notifications in my email inbox, confirming that groups are meeting throughout the week.”
Shane Williams

Next Steps Pastor, TrueNorth Church