What Syncs With FellowshipOne Enterprise / Premier

We utilize all that FellowshipOne has to offer to create a seamless sync of your group and people information between the two databases. Below is all of the information we sync back and forth between GroupVitals and FellowshipOne.

  • Group Name
  • Group Description
  • Members and Leaders
  • Location Privacy
  • Open / Closed Status
  • Group Attendance
  • Meeting Location
  • Meeting Location Name
  • Meeting Schedule
  • Campus
  • Childcare Availability

What we don't sync with groups

  • Group Gender
  • Group Marital Status
  • Custom Fields
  • Group Age Range
  • Group Prospects
  • Group Attendance
  • Group Memberships
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Middle Name
  • Former Name
  • Goes by Name
  • Email (Preferred)
  • Cell #
  • Home #
  • Address (read-only)
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Timezone
  • Marital Status
  • Household
  • Spouse
  • Children

What we don't sync with people

  • Prefix
  • Suffix
  • Status Date
  • Status Comment
  • Campus
  • Status (group + sub
  • Social Profile Links
  • Employment Details
  • Custom Fields
  • Photo

Once the two are connected, an initial sync will bring all groups and all people records into GroupVitals.

This initial sync can take between 1 to 14 days, depending upon how many groups and people are in your database. Right now, it takes around 24 hours to sync 6,000 people.

When a group or person is added or updated in GroupVitals, they are instantly updated in FellowshipOne.

We highly recommend that you work out of GroupVitals when you’re doing anything related to the groups you’re syncing with.

When a group or person is added or updated in FellowshipOne, they will be updated in GroupVitals each night.

Every night around midnight, GroupVitals will look for any additions and changes of people and groups in your FellowshipOne database and sync them with GroupVitals.

Choose which FellowshipOne group types to sync with GroupVitals.

In any case, all people in your FellowshipOne database sync with GroupVitals, so they can be properly matched with groups in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sync data from FellowshipOne on demand?

Yep! You can sync your data at any point by going to Add-Ons > FellowshipOne Settings and clicking “Sync Now.” Since all GV information is synced to F1 instantly, when you click “Sync Now” only new and edited information in F1 will be added.
Can I use GroupVitals during the initial sync?

While your very first sync is in progress, you won’t be able to use GroupVitals to prevent data errors. Also note that you will not be locked out of FellowshipOne during a sync.
What happens if I delete a group in GroupVitals?

First, groups can only be "archived" in GroupVitals, so they are never technically deleted. When a group is archived, the group cannot be deleted in FellowshipOne, due to their API restrictions. So in this case, we append "(Archived)" to the group's name in FellowshipOne. This makes it easy for you to identify which groups need to be deleted in FellowshipOne.
Do group prospects sync with FellowshipOne?

No they don't. Because prospects in FellowshipOne represent prospects in any ministry, we can't effectively determine which prospects are just for groups and sync accordingly. All prospects will be managed in GroupVitals using our awesome pipeline tool.
What happens if I delete a person in GroupVitals?

Just like with groups, people can't be deleted, just archived. Also due to FellowshipOne's API restrictions, we cannot delete people from your FellowshipOne database. So in this case, nothing happens with the person in FellowshipOne. You'll want to manually delete them there.
Are new people added to GroupVitals synced with FellowshipOne?

Yep! You'll want to setup a special GroupVitals person sub status for each of your statuses in FellowshipOne and call it "New from GroupVitals" - when you do that, we'll give that status to all new people we create. You can also set a custom sub-status for the various ways people can be added into GroupVitals. e.g., people added via the group attendance form can have a sub-status of something like "New from GroupVitals attendance.
Does GroupVitals sync attendance with FellowshipOne?

Yep! This is an optional feature you can toggle ON/OFF. When toggled to ON, we sync all future attendance taken from GroupVitals. Also, like with groups and people, we are not able to delete an attendance record from FellowshipOne. If an existing attendance record is changed/updated in GroupVitals, those changes are also updated in FellowshipOne.
How long does it initially take to sync our data from FellowshipOne to GroupVitals?

It will take at least a few hours to several days, all depending upon how many people records are in your church database. We suggest that you start the first time sync as the last thing you do before the weekend, so you can come back Monday morning and start working with GroupVitals. Right now, it takes around 24 hours to sync 6,000 people.
Where can I get more info about your FellowshipOne integration?

Check out our FellowshipOne Knowledgebase and if you have any additional questions, just send us an email: [email protected]