Take Group Attendance by Text

Leading a group at church… just got easier and faster.

We’ll Text You When You’re Ready

Set a time you'd like to receive your text message reminder each time your group meets and we'll send it to you.

Answer with a "Y" and we’ll send you a text back with a link to take attendance right from your phone's web browser.

Answer with a "N" and we’ll text you a confirmation and give you an opportunity to communicate back to the church about why you weren't able to meet or something else you'd like for them to know.

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How to Setup Text Attendance Reminders

Frequenty Asked Questions

We don't have group attendance turned on for our church, will texts still get sent out?

The text message setting will not be available on a person's personal My Settings > Notifications page unless attendance tracking is turned on for the church.

Will multiple text reminders be sent if attendance isn't taken yet?

No. Only one text per meeting will be sent to the leader.

Can group admins also receive text reminders?

Yes. If the role of group admin and apprentice leader is turned on for the church account, then they can also receive text message reminders.

How do you stop receiving text reminders?

By default, text reminders are turned off. If you have it turned on, then you can stop receiving text reminders by going to your personal My Settings page > Notifications and toggle off the text attendance reminders.

How does this work for someone who leads more than one group?

In this case, the person will not be asked if their group met each time. Instead, they'll immediately be sent a text message with a link to take attendance. On the attendance form, there's a link at the top-right to indiciate that the group didn't meet.

If I miss taking attendance for a previous meeting, how do I go back and take it and the most recent one?

If you lead just one group, then in this case, you'll have to either login and take attendance via your group's profile page or from the email reminder you may have also received. If you lead more than one group, then you can access the link to each meetings attendance in your text message history. Just scroll up and look for the date that you haven't filled it out for yet.

If turned on, will I still receive email reminders?

Yes, at this time email reminders will still be sent out as another option to take attendance and to ensure that it's taken.

How do I get started?

It only takes 4 simple steps to turn this on and to start receiving text reminders. You can follow the instructions here.

How do I turn on attendance tracking for the church?

If you're an account admin, click on the "gear" icon in the top-right navigation and then click "Org Settings." On the Settings page, click on the "Groups" tab. The first few toggles allows you to turn attendance tracking on and off for the ministry.

Does this cost extra?

At this time, text attendance reminders is included with all paid accounts.